Tyre Maintenance & Emergency Repairs For Cyclists

News — Tuesday 27th October 2015

As a cyclist having a flat tyre could ruin your trip. For this reason, having your own Bike Puncture Repair Kit handy is important for a temporary solution for flat tyres during travel or checking your tyre pressures at home.

The RAC brand is associated with cars and the automotive industry but this product from the RAC is versatile. It has been designed so that it can be used for more than just your car and can be used on different tyres like bicycles mobility scooters and more.

Having a bike puncture repair kit should be something you have at home. Bringing it along during cycling will benefit bikers as you never know when you may get a puncture while on the road. It’s convenient and portable so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

RAC bicycle puncture repair kit  comes with an air compressor and sealant. It is the perfect package for your cycling needs. Cruise with confident on beaten paths and trek the mountainsides without worrying that flat tyres could get in your way of having a good time. It is specially designed not only for bikes but for other automobile making it the complete tire maintenance solution for your home.

RAC Compressor: Built to Last
This is an air compressor made to function not only for a single type of tire but to almost all inflatable items since it has a multitool adaptor. Since it has a capacity of 100PSI, you can also use not only for your bike but for cars and light automotive vehicles. 

Every puncture repair kit has been individual tested before it is dispatched to ensure that you get a correct reading of pressure with its LCD display that shows how much pressure is in your tyre. That is not all, you can easily change the pressure settings for this compressor to KPI, BAR or PSI. This allows you to program the pressure settings making it cut off automatically. 
While this compressor could obviously take on a lot of work, it is actually powered by only 12V lighter socket. Plus, the whole package includes a lifetime guarantee. You definitely get a lot from what you paid for.

Powerful Yet Eco-friendly Sealant
You do not need powerful chemicals to make the right sealant. With years of creating the “perfect sealant” for your tyres, we have carefully considered its impact on the environment and we were able to create a water-based sealant. 
What’s more impressive is that this sealant can actually cover up to 6mm punctures on your tyres and works perfectly with RAC compressor. Use this to seal punctures temporarily and enjoy the rest of the trip. It is washable so you can remove it later when you will repair the puncture permanently. This product has been built with no shelf life as it built as a responsive approach to managing your punctures we did not want to put a timeline on the bicycle tyre sealant.


RAC Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit  

Everyone who owns a bike, whether amateur or professional cyclist, should own a RAC Bike Puncture repair kit. The benefits are endless while you get more than what you paid for.

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