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Why should you buy the RAC Kit?

Why buy the RAC Puncture Repair Kit
It pays for itself in a
matter of months
Incorrect tyre pressures can reduce your tyre life by up to 25% and increase your cars fuel consumption by up to 5%. Using the RAC kit to check tyre pressures at home couldn’t be any easier.
Gives drivers
peace of mind
Functional, practical, user-friendly and safe. Carrying the RAC kit in your car will give you peace of mind.
Gets you moving
again in 10 minutes
With a simple installation process and step by step detailed instructions you'll quickly find yourself back on the road. The RAC kit is a quick and easy temporary repair solution.
Unlike all others,
our formula is friendly
User and environmental safety aspects are top priority thinking when formulating our sealant. This means it can be easily washed out and assessed for structural damage before being repaired.
RAC Puncture repair kit compressor
RAC Puncture repair kit fluid
What's included?

Built to work, but made to last, this compressor is the hub of the RAC tyre pressure maintenance and puncture repair kit.

  • Includes manufacturer's life time guarantee
  • Powered by the 12v cigarette lighter socket
  • LCD digital display gauge makes checking tyre pressures accurate
  • Programmable pressure setting and auto cut off function
  • Interchangeable pressure settings for PSI, BAR and KPI
  • Retractable power lead
  • 100psi capacity means this compressor will inflate all passenger car tyres and light commercial vehicle tyres
  • The 3-way LED light includes a red hazard flasher, S.O.S warning signal and torch
  • Multi-tool adaptors means this compressor can be used on a range of inflatable leisure items

Fibres, blockers and carriers all play a substantial part of the capabilities of this product. Years of scientific formulating and heavy investment has resulted in a reliable product you can trust to get you back on the road quickly.

  • Designed and engineered to seal punctures of up to 6mm
  • Latex free and water based
  • Safe and easy to install
  • Easily washed out allowing a standard repair to be made
  • Tested by the RAC at MIRA
  • Use with any compressor or foot pump
  • No shelf life
100 MPH Tested
Successfully tested by the RAC
at the MIRA testing ground facilities

The RAC tyre sealant has been tested and approved by the RAC at MIRA's proving ground. Undergoing rigorous testing, the product maintained its capabilities at speeds of up to 100 mph and over 50 laps of high pressure cornering, vigorous driving, emergency stops and cobble roads.

To request a copy of the test report, please call 01202 001581
or email

Easy to follow instructions
The removal of the valve core allows the tyre sealant to be squeezed into the tyre without pressure, directly through the open valve stem.
After replacing the valve core, a two-step inflation process requires the vehicle to be driven forward and / or backwards to distribute the sealant before fully inflating.
The quality of the sealant and method of use delivers a highly effective seal.
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